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lunedì 20 ottobre 2014

''DressVe'', e-store for every woman, presents: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Day

Surfing on the web, i found a website very interesting for all women because is a e-commerce that sells clothes, dresses, shoes, jewerly and all accessories for any situation; the name of this e-store is '' DressVe ''.

In this website (that has a simply graphics and easy structure) you can: register with a username (also trough access with your Facebook account); to choose a section that you want and to find anything that you wish for to dress both trendy and casual. By Home Page, you can see that there is the opportunity for get promotion and deals; in addition, you can to look for anything with toolbar of search, and you can have help assistance about shopping online trough live chat and FAQ question/answers.

In addition, there is a very simply option of shopping cart with a little icon on the right, over in the page. Here, it is easy check out shopping and related payments with credit card, iban bank and paypal. Anyway, in this article i would like show three galleries of images with sales and business proposals ''DressVe'' divide in: Dressve black friday - Dressve cyber monday - Dressve christmas day. Look at better these sales here, below:

1) Dressve Black Friday (Crazy) Sales: Up to 90 % off all items + free shipping on orders over 59 dollars, the biggest sale of the year 11.27-11,29;


2) Dressve Cyber Monday: Buy one + get one gift + free shipping on Orders Over 69 dollars, up to 90 % off on all items 11.29-12.03;


3) Dressve christmas day: christmas shopping - season is coming, start 2,99 dollars, choose gifts for her, for kids, for home, big surprise for christmas!

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